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Rev. Dawan Buie

Provisional Elder, East Ohio Conference UMC Education: College—Franklin and Marshall; BA in Religious Studies Seminary—Princeton Theological Seminary Ministry Experience: Centenary and Mahoning UMC’s Chaplain Intern—Muskingum University Relevant Secular Work Experience: Cokesbury Book Store—Princeton University location Greatest Source of Spiritual Growth: My greatest source of Spiritual Growth is trusting my inner voice. Trusting has grown my faith and trust in God’s Spiritual Guidance by way of His Spirit inside of me. My Passions: Congregations that are passionate about relevant and Biblical preaching. I am passionate about bringing the Biblical text into our contemporary world in various ways through sermon illustrations and practical life application. I welcome congregations that crave or seek this time of preaching. I am of the conviction that the Gospel is always relevant and it is the job of the preacher to seek God’s spirit and use their mind to discern the connections between the Bible and our contemporary world. I am passionate about social issues. I enjoy being in contexts that have social needs because I have a deep social concern. This does not mean that I have to be in an inner city but it does mean that I hope to be in a congregational context that in some ways welcomes Christians working with the least of these in terms of those in poverty, prison, the politically disenfranchised, etc. I love to be in congregations with people who use their gifts to spread the love of Christ and are willing to use them for the common good. What gives me Joy: I always enjoy talking with and communing with people that come to food distribution events.  I enjoy listening to them, showing them I care and making them feel significant. 


Pastor Greg Calko

Licensed Local Pastor
(Completed Course of Study)
Ministry Experience:
Richard Brown Memorial
Ministry Gifts:
Pastoral Spirit
Healing Presence
What Brings Me Joy:
Preaching and Sharing the Good News of the Gospel. Sharing the Eucharist Teaching. Leading Worship.  Being able to help folks in need: spiritually, emotionally, and on occasion, financially is a means of grace.
How I relate to the Mission Field:  I am kept in connection to the mission field by personal prayer, personal reflection and ongoing study.  I am uplifted by the prayers of the congregation, strengthened through the support of my family and encouraged by the Holy Spirit:  My View of Ministry I consider my three strongest gifts to be teaching, administration, and compassion.  My greatest passion is for advancing and teaching others God’s truths and promises contained in the Scriptures and to pray for the Holy Spirit to move in the hearer’s heart and have them make a decision to place their faith in Jesus Christ as a result. I also believe that discipleship is an important part of that ministry, and that people may learn to be a follower of Jesus Christ only by hearing and seeing the Word in action. Learning is an important part of teaching, and I expect to continue to grow in faith and knowledge of the Bible through experience and classroom settings.  Finance and budgeting, promotion and advertising, and motivating and equipping people to become better servants of Jesus Christ does require organizational and people skills. I have developed the ability to do these things through managing my personal business. Though a church is not a business, there are many principles that may be applied to both.  I also have a heart for people, most notably the less fortunate and forgotten members of society. I believe that the church should strive to meet the spiritual needs of all people, especially those who have not heard or responded to the Good News of Jesus Christ.